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Livre d'or

Note n°24
par Christian_SWL_CHMY le 15/11/2008 ¤ 15:58

Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008 2:19 PM
Subject: Omer, tnx f ur qsl-card! 73 de Christian SWL from Austria!

Dear Omer,

many thanks for the QSL-CARD from ON7RY/P from HT051.
I am pleased about your letter and your pesonal words what you have write to me. It is very friendly from you, many thanks.
Your QSL-CARD become a place of honor by me.

Thankts for the friendly words about my report what i have send to you.

I am pleased that you like the enclosed information about my village.
The QSL-Card and the picture with the caslte is very very nice i like it and good informations are on it.

The website from ON7RY i have give it to my favorite so i can always come back and see what is new. Congrats to your website.

Omer, i have now your own callsign, when i hear you "on the air" i will send you an reception report.

I wish you and yours and all by ON7RY all the best and have a nice weekend.

73 es 55 de Christian Mayer
SWL from Austria
My little website: home.twin.at/swl-chmy